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Emulsion remover powder

Concentrated powder that dissolves in water to produce stencil stripper solution Economical
Removes all stencil types
Excellent solvent resistance and easy to reclaim, extended re-use of screen mesh.
Superb resolution and sharp image definition for the fine image reproduction.
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Product Description
Highly concentrated product
Recommended to be dissolved at 1% by weight in water for full strength working solution for spray application.
Directions for Use
Dissolve Remove the powder in water. Add 1 part Remove powder to one hundred parts water for normal use and 1 part Remove powder to fifty parts water to reclaim more stubborn stencils.
When sealed in the original container and stored in cool conditions, RSKG Chemicals products will maintain their original properties for one year from the date of production.
Usage Instructions
Using an appropriate solvent such as turpentine or thinners, thorougly clean any remaining plastisol from your screen. Any plastisol left in the screen will likely cause issues in recoating your screen - oil (eg. plastisol) repels water and most emulsions are water-based.
Brush the emulsion remover onto both sides of your screen using a gentle scrubbing brush or a standard green scouring pad.
Let stand for a couple of minutes to allow the emulsion remover to fully soak into the emulsion. Do not allow the emulsion remover to dry, it will lock the emulsion into the mesh and make it even more difficult to remove.
Rinse thoroughly. A standard garden hose nozzle or a pressure washer are both effective for this purpose.
First Aid
RSKG Remover Powder is a strong oxidant. Contact with combustible or flammable material can cause fire. It can cause skin and eye irritation. Use gloves and goggles. Clean spills immediately.
First Aid: In case of contact with the eyes or skin, flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation develops, contact a physician
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