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Water-based wear resostamce screen printing protective paint

there was no flammable solvent.
Invasive routes: inhalation, ingestion, percutaneous absorption.
Health hazards: no hazards
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Product Description
No Risk
Eco friendly hardener for emulsion screen printing, both for water and solvent resistant.
All materials are water-based.
It is applied to both sides of the screen after it is exposed, developed, blocked out, and dried.
The paint suction machine could easily suck off the hardener on the screen Screen remains reclaimable when all process techniques are followed .
Emergency Treatment
It is development by our own company, it is a brownish red flexible paint for protecting printing plate.
Contrast with the traditional product, our product(one-component) is more easier to use and save time.
Excellent flexibility, water resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance like acid, alkali and salt.
Protecting the sensitive-layer, made the printing plate more durability. With the emulsion hardener, the lifespan of the printing plate can be increased twentyfold.
Storage Stored in a shady and cool place, can be stored for 6 month in sealed barrel The paint hardener make strong adhesive with the photo emulsion and the stencil could not be damaged easily, also will make stencil removal more difficult.
Usage: Suitable for textile printing and large-batch printing, especially for blanket printing or which the meshes over 60 ;
Composition / Composition Information
This product is a mixture.
Chemical name: technical white and blue oil.
Hazardous composition concentration CAS No, EC No.
Water based Polyurethane resin 25% 9009-54-5 none
Water based Polyurethane curing agent 25% 847-56-8 none
Water based Ethyl acetate 20% 141-78-6 none
Water based Butyl acetate 30% 123-86-4 none
Fire Fighting Measures
Hazard characteristics: flammable, non explosive.
Harmful combustion products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.
Extinguishing methods and extinguishing agents: foam, dry powder, sand, water spray, cooling, until the end of fire.
Special protective equipment: proper breathing equipment is necessary.
Divulge Emergency Treatment
Emergency treatment: evacuate personnel and cut off fire source.
Elimination methods: disposal personnel in the upper air, sand buried, collected to the designated processing Department.
Handing and Storage
Operation note: airtight operation, strengthen ventilation, specially trained operators strictly operate according to regulations.
Storage notice: keep cool and ventilated place, keep away from fire heat source, and prevent direct sunlight.

Contact Control / Individual Protection
Maximum allowable concentration: 150ppm
Monitoring methods: no data
Engineering control: ventilation
Respiratory protection: filter type respirator
Eye protection: Anti UV glasses
Body protection: general duty respirator
Hand protection: latex gloves

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Appearance and properties: yellow viscous solid liquid mixture.
PH value: acidity
Melting point (℃): relative density (water =1): 0.98
Boiling point (℃): relative vapor density (air =1): meaningless
Numerical values of octanol / water partition coefficients: no data
Flash point (℃): 74℃
Ignition temperature (℃): lower explosive limit% (V/V): not applicable
Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in commonly used non-polar organic solvents.

Stability and Reactivity
Stability: stability
Banned substance: strong oxidizing substance
Avoid contact conditions: more than 50 degrees high temperature, direct sunlight.
Aggregation hazards: meaningless
Decomposition products: carbon monoxide

Disposal Considerations
Waste properties: industrial liquid waste
Waste disposal methods: to be handled by the relevant department.
Waste note: meaningless

Transport Information
Dangerous goods number: None
UN number: None 
Packing sign: None
Packing category: None
Packaging method: Iron canning, external use of ordinary cardboard boxes.
Transportation Notes: When transporting, the vehicle should be equipped with the corresponding fire fighting equipment, the packaging box can not be placed side-by-side or inverted, to prevent material barrel rupture and leakage.

Regulatory Information
Regulatory information: Regulations on the safety control of dangerous chemicals.

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