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How to use photo emulsion

DATE: Jan 4th, 2021
1.Classification of photosensitive adhesive:
Photosensitive adhesives can be generally divided into two types: solvent-resistant and water-resistant. Solvent-resistant photoresist, which is resistant to various organic solvents, suitable for the printing of oil-based inks; water-resistant photoresist, suitable for the printing of water-based inks (water-soluble printing coatings, such as textile printing pastes), the former screen can be stripped Recycling; the latter generally cannot be stripped and recycled. Special water-resistant photosensitive adhesives include nylon photosensitive adhesives and diazo photosensitive adhesives.
2.Preparation of photosensitive adhesive:
The component ratio of diazo photosensitive adhesive: colloid 1000g + diazo photosensitizer 8 ~ 10g   + water 50 ~ 100ml.
Pour 8-10g of photosensitizer powder in 50-100ml water; pour the dissolved photosensitizer into 1000g colloid and stir well;
Deform for 30 to 60 minutes, and let stand for 2 to 3 hours before use.
The amount of water depends on the viscosity requirements of the colloid for coating; be sure to dissolve the photosensitizer powder before pouring into the colloid;
In the clockwise direction when stirring, so as not to generate bubbles.
The shelf life of the photoresist is 1 year before being prepared, and the best use period after preparation is about 15 days. It can be stored at low temperature for 2 months or more.
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